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  • Private Enterprise in Africa (with Moeen A. Qureshi) November 1990

  • Entering the Information Age: Implications for Developing Countries (with James Cowie) November 1990

  • Mining Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: Investment and Its Relationship to the Enabling Environment (with Peter M. Fozzard) November 1990

  • Upstream Petroleum Promotion and Development: Possible Multi-Country Approach in Sub-Saharan Africa (with Industry and Energy Division staff) December 1990

  • Sub-Saharan Energy Financing: The Need for a New Game Plan (with Industry and Energy Division staff) December 1990

  • Issues in Telecommunications Development: Policy Responses and Sector Strategy for Sub-Saharan Africa (with Industry and Energy Division staff) April 1991

  • Constraints and Challenges to Telecommunications Development
    • East European Telecom Development (with Timothy Nulty & Nicola Holcer) June 1991
    • Sub-Saharan Telecom Development (With David Lomax) June 1991

  • From Stagnation to Market-Driven Growth: Strategies for a Dynamic Industrial Development Decade for Africa. August 1991

  • Investing in Africa: The World Bank’s Program of Assistance and Opportunities for the Private Sector (with Ismail Serageldin) January 1992

  • Strategy for African Mining (with Industry and Energy – I&E - Division staff) April 1992

  • Strategic Agenda for Private Sector Development (with I&E Division staff) March 1992

  • Upstream Petroleum Development (with Thomas O’Connor) May 1992

  • Mitigating Risk of Private Investors in Energy Development
    • The Role of the World Bank (with James Bond & Ted Gorton) July 1992
    • The Role of the International Finance Corporation (with Hugh Henry-May) July 1992
    • The Role of the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (with L. Hollywood) July 1992

  • Summary Petroleum Industry Data Sheets Sub-Saharan Africa (with Amit  Mor) September 1992

  • Conditions for Exploration and Mining Development: An Industry Perspective (with Douglas Ritchie) October 1992

  • Mineral Sector Technologies: Policy Implications for Developing Countries (with Craig B. Andrews) November 1992

  • Natural Gas in Sub-Saharan Africa (with A. Mor, J. Bond and E. Mayorga-Alba) March 1992


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