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Real Estate Development and Management

The Company

Buenaventura Real Estate Development and Managment SpA was established tostart operations in 2016, with the convergence of four enterprise groups, which are leaders in the field, to develop differentiated projects in Chile, based on both international and country experiences, to meet the emerging demand for living space of excellence, strongly tailored to emerging market trends and of high quality.

The focus of the firm is oriented towards contemporary buyers, responding to new architectural, technological, functional and urban trends, reflecting the country's development and, above all, the growing demand of emerging age groups, constant updating of needs and future trends and experiences implemented in other countries.

The Partners

Luis Alonso, principal partner Alonso & Balaguer Arquitectors Asociados, with over 30 years of existence, with offices and projects in Barcelona, New York, Rios de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Lima and recently also in Santiago, with some projects to his credit in 10 countries.

Alberto and Jack Alaluf from Alaluf Propriedades SA with over 25 years experience in intermediation of industrial, office and residential properties, and extended record in development of industrial and residential projects.

Miguel Schloss, with long international experience in financial and governance, as Director of Corporate Planning and Projects at the World Bank; Executive Director of Transparency International and currently a member of the Expert Advisory Board of Dalberg Global Development Advisors, board member and trustee of the Global International Legal Network (GLIN) , and President of Surinvest Ltda.

Felipe Simonetti, with nearly 30 years of real estate industry experince, being a partner and director in the development stages as Almagro SA and Simonetti SA, two leading firms in the sector in Chile. He was also director of an architecture agency, brand manager, consultant and director of private equity family office and director of EMS Chile.



Edificio Vincent

101-Unit Apartment Building in a residential zone, within walking distance to stores, theaters, restaurants and plazas.

Each apartment ranges from 40-110 meters squared. Within walking distance to forthcoming Nuñoa Metro Station.

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Edificio Dalí

Construction of a 45-Unit Apartment Building in a new urban residential area in Con Con, 15-20 minutes from Viña del Mar resort area.

Units include high-end finishes and access to indoor and outdoor swimming pools, sauna, patio with children's playground, and theatre room.

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Edificio Orquideas

40-Unit Residential Apartments steps away from Colon Metro Station, with swimming pool, patios and grilling areas.

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Updated on February 6, 2018